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•June 4, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Huh. So school lets out in two days, and I’m still worried about whether or not I’ll be passing. I should really be doing all of my long, long overdue projects, but here I am at 12:30, blogging and watching Morel Orel. I plan to get off of my fat ass this summer and get more muscle. I also want to see if I can learn parkour. I managed to get Source working on my computer, but it takes about ten minutes just to connect to a server for me on TF2 and if crashes after about 5 seconds of running the visuals. Still confused at to what the hell is happening. I was gonna get the new weapon packs, but… yeah. So I’m gonna start writing about mythology and whatnot. Still no views. Eh, I’m gona do some work and make sure that my dreams for the future aren’t shattered.



•June 2, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Well, here I am, 1:15 A.M. on a school night, awake because I slept through most of the day. I had to go home early because of my insides being on fire, which was caused by the biggest can of Red Bull that the store stocks. Despite the fact that I had intense pains, my mom still doesn’t believe that I’m sick. Looking at my number of hits, I think that there’s something odd about me talking to myself. I need some form of advertising, but the problem with that is that I extremely dislike Myspace and Facebook, and I see no point in Twitter unless you have an embedded feed, and I’m relatively sure that you can’t do that with WordPress. I suppose that I could break down and get on those social networking sites, but it goes against everything I stand for. Hmm, to remain Anonymous, I should just put up a picture on Anon as the profile picture. I guess I’ll do that and see how traffic changes.

Hello, internets.

•May 18, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Well, I’m going through a blue period, and I need to talk to someone. It’s kind of sad, really, I seriously doubt that I have any readers, but I still go here when I need somebody to talk to. It’s kind of like words falling on deaf ears, it’s more like they never fall. They’re just hanging there. Anyway, I’ve been depressed as of late, and pretty much everything I see is like a good metaphor for me or my life. I need some reassurance, but I can’t talk to anyone about my feelings; I haven’t been trained to do that. I always bottle them up, and wait for that bottle to break. I should be doing an extremely important assignment that was due about four days ago, but I don’t have the motivation to. If I don’t do it, I’ll fail this grade, and all of my dreams will have essentially been shattered. Despite this, I still don’t have the will inside me to do it. It’s about 12:45 in the morning where I am, and I’m thinking about just shutting myself out to any contact with other people. Funnily enough, considering that, I would still talk to a few other people, because I see them as more or less the same person as me. Anyway, if there really is anyone reading this, please let me know that I’m doing well. Drop me a line on Steam, I’ll be thankful.

Same old, same old…

•April 10, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Well, not much news gaming-wise. My spring break is almost over, so I need to catch up on my shows. I also just got a crazy shot of perspective in the long run, and it’s kind of macabre. Anyway, I’ve been playing The Punisher–the Xbox version. It is one of my favorite games, probably due to the insane amount of gore in it. It’s quite literally and statistically one of the two goriest video games out there, next to Manhunt 2. On the other end of the the gaming spectrum, I have also been playing Kirby Air Ride. It is one of my favorite games, though I do realize that it does have some glaring flaws. I also have been keeping up with my Runescape playing; I got my total level to 1000 Tuesday. Well, I should probably be getting to bed.

PROTIP: In Air Ride, there are a few hotspots for getting legendary machine parts. The most frequent area I get them is underground- right below the forest. Any red boxes down there will almost always be parts. The area around the waterwheel is also a great place. The water to the right of the city wharf is also a fairly common hotspot. The electric lounge is also a great place- it’s the multi level area past the dilapidated buildings. The area that those buildings cover is also a good spot to get them.

Reduced to this?

•March 30, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Still no good computer for TF2. I have been, however, playing Runescape a lot. I am somewhat nooby, though. My highest level is Fletching, at 63. I also have all of my melee stats at 60. I should also start up a PayPal account or something. Eh, now for today’s protip. When playing Gmod, you’ll want to download Phx. Then, you should be able to kill others on build and RP servers with the enclosed explosives.


•March 29, 2009 • Leave a Comment

So, yeah, my computer broke down. Dead hard drive or something. Anyway, I still might be able to get my daily dose of TF2. Any way, I might as well talk about some of my recent exploits. I’ve recently joined the [BSM] community, it can be found at They’re great friends, if you can connect with them. They’re pretty much a bunch of trolls. On that note, I’m also now a /b/tard. Those guys at [BSM] also made a TF2 server with a mod called “Freeze Tag”. It’s always hilarious to play.

PROTIP: When frozen in freeze tag, you can still taunt, and by that logic, taunt kill as a Heavy, Pyro, or Scout. Use that to your advantage.

Shit, man.

•March 29, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I think I broke some sort of fail record. No updates in five months. I’m worse that the DNF team. I might be updating so that my negative eight readers can be amused.